What We Offer

A bit of background on our skills and expertise.


Courtechs is dedicated to the provision of technology solutions geared towards the legal sector and judicial service delivery. We have a history of interfacing with courts, judges, lawyers and other legal professionals in developing integrated software solution aimed to effectively automate, monitor and control the progress of cases through the courts.


While courts and justice agencies may each have their own unique requirements, they all share a common need for court or justice technology-solutions to efficiently manage their many responsibilities.

Courtechs team is experienced in designing complex, innovative, systems for the legal sector. Our advisory services practice is centered on helping our clients understand how technology can be optimally incorporated into their environments. We service appellate courts, magistrate courts, trial courts, specialty courts and apex courts.


Courtechs is home to specialists with engineering, software development and implementation expertise aimed at using technology to improve overall productivity and efficiency in the Legal sector. Our systems and training enable justice to be reached at a faster pace, improve monitoring and ensure that information access is without any time limit and physical boundaries.

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