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With clients throughout the Caribbean and the United states, our cloud based Case management system meets the unique needs of Court officers and Attorneys and improves the overall efficiency of the legal system processes.


Courtechs is a technology leader in the Caribbean providing solutions and related services to improve government legal processes. Courtechs products combines advanced technology, ease-of-use interfaces and tools to deliver excellent service for government ministries, attorney general offices, public prosecution departments and others.


Courtechs products are designed and built from the ground up as a highly configurable information management processing engine and a centerpiece for case management, document management and eFiling aimed at improving citizens’ access to justice. The applications are built to run on all platforms including desktops, mobile devices and kiosks and are designed to be used in Magistrate, Supreme and Appeal Courts.

law firms

Courtechs has over 20 years of experience working with law firms. We provide secure and internationally-proven solutions to help law firms handle legal cases more efficiently, have easy access to documents, and improve overall processing times. Courtechs products are built using Microsoft technologies and are hosted in the Microsoft cloud, a completely secure solution that requires minimal investment in infrastructure.

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